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The Urgent Call to End the Nuclear Danger—


Fifteen years after the Cold War ended, the United States and Russia still have many thousands of nuclear weapons, and they are continuing to design and produce new types. The US and Russian failure to fulfill their Non-Proliferation Treaty commitment to move toward nuclear disarmament has allowed, if not encouraged, more and more countries to acquire nuclear arms. First, in the late 1990s, Indian and Pakistan tested nuclear weapons and began building nuclear-armed missiles. Now North Korea and Iran are laying the groundwork for nuclear weapon production. The slow but steady spread of nuclear arms is increasing the danger that terrorists will be able to acquire a nuclear weapon and use it on a major city is growing steadily. There is also a danger that nuclear-armed states—Israel and Iran, India and Pakistan, or some combination of the USA, Russia, China, and North Korea#8212;will launch a nuclear weapon (or many weapons) through accident, miscalculation, loss of control, or a dreadful error in judgment on the part of a political leader.

The nuclear danger has faded from public view, while growing in the background of our lives, the nuclear danger has faded from public view. To end the casual disregard for the possibility of a holocaust of unprecedented dimensions, a group of public-interest organizations have launched This is a web-based national petition initiative, which helps educate people about the growing nuclear danger, and consolidate pressure for new policies to reverse the trend.

IDDS is the host organization for the web site, which is maintained as an independent, coalition-based initiative. For more information on this national petition campaign, please see

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