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Arms Control Reporter 2005


Editor-in-Chief: Dr Randall Caroline Forsberg (
Assistant Editor: Courtney Stewart (
Contributing Editors: Matt Hoey, Courtney Stewart, Douglas Thacher, David Zikusoka, Tristan Clerihew, Chris Bragg, and Paul Heroux
Circulation Manager: Douglas Thacher (

First published in 1982, the Arms Control Reporter covers efforts to limit all types of weapons: nuclear, biological, and chemical, conventional major weapons, small arms and light weapons, land mines, and other topics.

For every topic, Reporter coverage begins with a Status ("a") section, which describes the current state of that negotiation or treaty. The Status section summarizes the treaty provisions or the negotiating positions of the parties; it analyzes recent developments; and it outlines the negotiating schedule and issues. With rare exceptions, Status sections are updated just once a year.

Next for each topic there is a Chronology ("b") section, which comprises the bulk of the Reporter content. This gives a day-by-day account of the negotiating positions of each party, and reports on relevant weapon developments and other events.

In addition, for most topics the Reporter provides supplementary material:
- "Views," excerpts from key opinion pieces by experts ("c" sections);
- "Docs," reproductions of official documents ("d" sections); and
- "Data," sections that analyze the weapons or technology involved ("e" sections).

The arms control field is littered with obscure terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. Our Glossary provides a helpful guide to unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations, as well as all source abbreviations.

For subscription rates, please see the Reporter Price List, which gives standard and discount prices for the on line, CD, and hard copy versions, along with a brief description of each format.

You may order on line using our secure credit card server, through a link on the Reporter Price List page. For additional information or to request an invoice, please contact Reporter circulation manager, Doug Thacher, by email (, fax (617-354-1450), telephone (617-354-4337), or mail (IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA).

We welcome questions relating to the Reporter's content, alerts to factual errors or typographic problems, and suggestions for improvements in the Reporter. Please send questions and comments to the editors at

2005 IDDS, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, USA.