Trading financial derivatives markets on the IDDS platform

Trading financial derivatives markets on the IDDS platform

  • US National Futures Association Regulation (NFA: 0513223)
  • A wide range of platforms including the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4)
  • No conflict with customers to ensure a transparent trading environment
  • DMA straight through the trading market


The goal of I DDS is to provide foreign investors with CFDs, CFDs and precious metals trading services.
Headquartered in the United States, I DDS is owned and supervised by the United States-authorized National Financial Supervisory
Association (NFA) for more than 20 years.

Security of funds

Customer funds are all regulated by regulators. is committed to providing customers with the most secure financial support.

Intelligent trading platform

Customer funds are all regulated by regulators. is committed to providing customers with the most secure financial support.

Diversification of trade products

Customer funds are all regulated by regulators. is committed to providing customers with the most secure financial support.

Professional customer service team

Customer funds are all regulated by regulators. is committed to providing customers with the most secure financial support.

Easy access to gold

Gold entry can provide many ways of local remittance of UnionPay digital currency, and the quick response of gold delivery to account arrival.

Which product do you like to trade?

foreign exchange

The largest, the most fair and transparent trading market in the world is.5 day 24, and it provides more than 50 currency pairs and STP straight through quotation service.

Noble metal

Strong profitability, liquidity and value preservation. Margin trading, two-way trading mechanism and profits can be profitable.


Integrating into the global energy market is vulnerable to political and environmental impacts. Leverage and two-way trading have high utilization of capital and large profit opportunities.

CFD differential contract

Strong liquidity, covering more than 20 of the mainstream bank exchange quotes, without paying taxes and fees, lower transaction costs.

Encrypted currency

Provide differential contracts for encrypted digital currencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc. You can make enough profit.

Fair trading and market price

More option for your trading

Standard Account

Minimum Deposit:USD 1,000

Easy to follow the Three steps. Just complete the simple online form to start with online payment. We accept RMB and AUD.

Standard Account

Pro Account

Minimum Deposit:USD 50,000

Open Pro Account,you can ejoy lower trading cost to make more profit.

Pro Account

Institutional (ECN) accounts

It brings better transaction conditions and complete trading varieties for customers with certain experience in foreign exchange trading. Ultra low floats, high quality bidding systems, fast order execution capabilities, and the use of a large number of liquidity providers are a stable basis for successful transactions.

Institutional (ECN) accounts

Download MT4 Forex

Practice Online Trading Risk Free and
Get Free Demo

MetaTrader 4 is a cutting edge trading platform used for trading the Forex, Metals and Futures Markets.

MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading client terminal in the world, providing all the necessary features required to trade Forex, Metals, Indices and Commodities.

The MT4 also accommodate almost any device, including iPad & iPhone.

Discover MetaTrader 4

Fair trading and market price

Product Advantages

Bank trading system

Up to 10,000 orders per second
More than 99.99% of orders are closed within 45 ms
Six International Banks Cooperation

Support a variety of trading products

An Account Trading Contract for CFD Difference of Precious Metals Foreign Exchange Digital Currency in Overseas Futures Stocks

Offer 200 times leveraged Trading

Provide leveraged transactions of up to 200 times the currency to further improve the utilization rate of funds.

Multiend Trading

It supports computer terminals, mobile phones and tablet computers. The platform includes real-time quotes, price index, flow volume, market, pending transactions, positions and losses.

Documentary community

Collect global high-quality traders, provide millisecond bills, and synchronize trading with high-end traders

The Advantages of IDDS

At IDDS you can have access to our lightning fast servers with the best prices from the world's largest banks and liquidity providers.

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Management Advantages

24 -5
trading support

A variety of account types e.g Standard and Pro

Separate individual trading accounts from IDDS account

Authorized and regulated by NFA

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