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Foreign currency

Go directly to the inter-bank quotation system

The price comes from the real-time integrated price of several of the world's largest foreign exchange trading Banks, which is highly competitive in the market and has no hidden price difference.

Up to 36 currencies are traded

It includes us dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), offshore RMB (CNH), euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), New Zealand dollar (NZD) and many other trading currencies.

Can trade a variety of trading products

Able to trade multiple foreign exchange products, precious metal products, crude oil and index products in the same platform.

Foreign exchange lever

Currency to provide up to 200 times the leverage of trading, further improve the utilization of funds.

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CFD index contract

CFD contract for difference, as the main international financial stock index contract at present, has huge market influence, large number of participants and huge amount of capital.


Given that the stock contract index is affected by multiple news events every week and fluctuates greatly, many investors, operators and analysts attach great importance to CFD, and investors can freely choose and operate according to their own understanding of the market.

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Why choose us?

Banking system


Support multiple trading products

Offer 200 times leverage


Can be multi-terminal trading


Energy And Heavy metal

Overview of energy products?

Spot energy, as the main international financial operation mode, has a huge market influence, a large number of participants and a large amount of capital. Given that energy is affected by a number of news events each week and fluctuates greatly, many energy investors, operators and analysts attach great importance to EIA.


DDS inamorphous financial derivative platform, its spot energy is divided into three types: UK brent crude oil spot (XBRUSD), us light crude oil spot (XTIUSD) and us natural gas (XNGUSD). Investors can freely choose varieties for operation according to their understanding of the market.

Rare commodities overview?

As an international investment product, rare commodities have a large amount of daily operation and are subject to various international political, military, economic, supply and demand factors, as well as various emergencies, which bring investors a large number of opportunities for price difference.


T+0 two-way operation allows to close positions at any time and directly connect to the global market. Customers can get the fastest quotation and operation execution in DDS insheng.


Account Types

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