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Announcement on IDDS Brand Upgrade

Dear investors, Hello!

Thank you for your long-term trust and support for iddsor group limited (hereinafter referred to as "idds Inamori").


As a global brokerage brokerage service broker, idds has been committed to providing safe, stable and convenient online services to individuals and institutional clients around the world.It is highly recognized by partners and investors worldwide.


In order to continuously improve brand influence and competitiveness, we always stay ahead in the industry. IDDS combines the development needs of today's global financial market. We carefully decided to upgrade the existing IDDS brand to the new Bogs Market brand.



The new brand adopts the combination of English letters BOGS, with a gradient color as the main tone to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the logo, jujube red highlights the atmosphere.

It is worth celebrating that we have obtained a new regulatory license from the US NFA while completing the brand name upgrade, and at the same time obtained the authoritative supervision of the MM license from the Canadian (Fintrac) MSB.

Bogs will surely lead a new chapter in the global investment arena, taking you through the foresight of future wealth territories and witnessing the future with us!


Hereby declare: IDDSOR GROUP LIMITED will officially launch the new brand Bogs Market from July 29, 2019. Logo.New brand official website New logos, mailboxes, all related advertisements, promotional publications, business card materials, etc. will be uniformly adopted with new logos; relevant business documents will be common in both new and old layouts during the transition period.


Inconvenience, please understand!


I wish you all a better satisfaction with our professional services under the brand concept and image upgrade of idds Inamori security and speed trading!


Special announcement!




July 23, 2019

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