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IDDS Brand Upgrade and Website Change Announcement

Dear idds customer:
In order to continuously improve brand influence and competitiveness, we always stay ahead in the industry. IDDS combines the development needs of today's global financial market. Our careful decision will be from 15:00-15:30 on July 27, 2019 Beijing time. Upgrade your existing IDDS brand to the new Bogs Markets brand.Please understand that during the upgrade, the access to CRM may be unstable.
The new brand will be officially launched on July 29, 2019. It is worth celebrating that we have obtained a new regulatory license from the US NFA (Regulatory ID: 0523413) while completing the brand name upgrade, and at the same time obtained The Canadian Financial Supervisory Authority (Fintrac) MSB's MM license is the authoritative regulation (Regulatory ID: M19911333), Bogs Markets will lead a new chapter in the global investment field, take you back to the future wealth territory, and witness the future with us!
During the transition period, users access the original domain name of idds Chinese official website www.idds.usWill automatically jump to Bogs Markets new domain name
With the launch of the new brand name, investors need to re-download MT4 and log in to your relevant trading account information. We will provide you with the latest version of MT4 download link in the email attachment. It is important to pay attention to your trading account and The password will remain the same.The existing server IDDSORGroup-live will be out of service on August 1, 2019. Before that, please be sure to change to the new server address to log in to your transaction information. The new mobile server address is: Bogs Markets-live ( Real trading account) Bogs Markets-demo (simulated account).At the same time, the original mailbox name Still valid, and the message sent by the customer through the original mailbox will be synced to the new mailbox in.
After the brand update, investors are requested to keep the latest domain name of Bogs Markets Chinese official website and official customer service email address, and carefully check the access channel and online information source.When you contact Bogs Markets via the Internet, telephone, email, WeChat or other means, please be sure to contact us through the official channels below to confirm the information and the true validity of the customer service who posted the information.
IDDS hereby declares that the only official customer service email, official hotline, official website, and customer management background of the newly upgraded brand Bogs Markets are as follows:
Official hotline: +1 177883002222
Customer Management Center:
Hereby notice
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us. info@bogs.marketOr contact us at the official hotline +117788300222, we will try our best to serve you 24*5 hours.
Also attached to the latest version of genuine mt4
The download link on the pc side is:
iOS download link:,BogsMarkets-Live
Android download link:

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