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IDDS Official Domain Name Update and Upgrade Notice

Dear iddsor customer,


In order to optimize your access experience and speed up your access, you can keep up to date with the latest developments in IDDS. From May 15th, 2019, IDDS will use as the domain name of the global official website, using info@ is the official customer service email.


During the transition period, the original domain name will be maintained and upgraded.

At the same time, the client crm management center domain still uses the original access address:  。


After this adjustment, investors are requested to keep the latest domain name of the official website of idds and the official customer service email, and carefully check the access channels and online information sources.When you consult idds related information via the Internet, telephone, email, WeChat or other means, please contact us through the following official channels to confirm the information and the authenticity of the customer service personnel who posted the information.


Idds hereby declares that the official customer service email, official hotline, official website, official Chinese website, official WeChat, official Weibo, official online customer service consultation are as follows:



Official email:


Official hotline: (+001) 202 8717876


Official website:


Official Chinese 

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