Trading financial derivatives markets on the IDDS platform



One Zero

as the world leading routing technology aims at providing reliable, central point of integration to manage and expand your business. Our MT4 bridge solutions provide freedom to brokerages looking to offer FX trading to their customers without the overhead of manual dealing. OneZero's Aggregation solution hand picks unparalleled price for brokers from liquidity pools with incredible execution.


Since its launch OneZero Financial Systems has strived to bridge the gap between the market and technology. Many of our developers have years of programming expertise coupled with extensive market experience. At OneZero we are able to approach trading systems in a unique way, by analyzing problems from a market perspective and addressing them with flexible, optimal technology solutions.



FxPlus was established by a team of top traders, analysts, bankers and financiers.

FXPlus Trading Academy offers a range of structured trading courses for people interested in learning to trade, beginning a career as a Trader, becoming a successful Fund Manager or just learning how to make an additional secondary income from trading.

Being a student of FXPlus, you can gain access to these simple yet effective trade signals.

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