Trading financial derivatives markets on the IDDS platform

Forex Market

The foreign exchange market, popularly known as the Forex(FX) market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Private investors and individual traders have entered the market for global currency and discovering several advantages-many of which are not available in the equities market.

Forex Market

Why trade Forex with IDDS?


Support multiple
trading products

Offer 200 times

Can be
multi-terminal trading


IDDS provides traders access to the most liquid commodities markets, giving them the ability to trade with maximum leverage. Commodities markets are known for their volatility and the market structure suits traders who use technical analysis.

With IDDS, you can trade precious metals, energy and soft commodities. This includes the most liquid commodities markets of Oil, Gold and Silver. The Commodities markets are open 23 hours a day with a 45 minute session break at the end of the CME Globex trading session. All IDDS clients are able to exploit volatility on global Commodities markets with seamless 24 hour access via the IDDS MetaTrader 4 platform.


Gain instant access to the world's most liquid Stock Exchange indices via the IDDS Indices trading model. Linked to our oneZero™ MT4 Bridge, IDDS provides the fastest execution speed due to our unparalleled access to the deepest liquidity available. Further enhancing transparency, the price of all IDDS Indices are based on an underlying price in the corresponding stock market.

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