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You could submit the application on our website and we will process your application during 1-2 working days.

Notice: The information on withdrawal application must as same as it on payment application, if you choose EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) as the method to instant deposit.


Instant deposit
We provide three method to instant deposit: Alipay, Union Pay and EFT( Electronic Fund Transfer) You can choose either of them according to your situation.
For users from China we recommend you to use Alipay , customers can submit the payment via our website using the QR code, the maximum available payment is 200,000 RMB.
Union Pay
Union Pay is also available, customers can submit the payment via our website using the Union Pay and there is no maximum limit for payment.
EFT( Electronic Fund Transfer)
For users from Australia we recommend you to instant deposit by electronic fund transfer. Before you submit the application, please fill in the information according to the request on the website. ( each maximum available payment should according to the request of each bank.

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Specific rules:

The account could be opened if it has been submitted before 5:00pm in Sydney, if submit after 5:00pm in Sydney, the account will be opened on next day.

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